Writing a Blog, not Web Developing

I decided to finally get on the bandwagon and create a blog, after reading this LifeHacker article. Just to make this clear, I am making a blog to improve my writing by writing (a novel concept, if you ask me). This isn’t for some personal glorification, believing I have all the answers, or trying to get all of you to believe the same thing as me. I am going to write to write. If someone get’s some enjoyment or gets offended along the way, it is merely innocent bystanders getting caught in the crossfire.

The first question I need to ask, after having decided what I am going to write about, is on what platform and URL my blog will reside on. This is probably something that rarely crosses the mind of a non-web developer, and unfortunately it is where I have gotten stuck in the past when I have tried to start up this venture. I finally going to let my necessity for perfection lessen and just choose one.

I was bouncing between Drupal (which I am already well aquainted with) and Joomla (which would give me another CMS under my belt). It is easy to get distracted between two opposing beliefs and forget to ask if either is correct. I have decided upon WordPress because it requires the least amount of web development to get going, and this project is about writing and sharing, not web development. Who knows, maybe i’ll export the content to a personal site when I finally build one. For now, I want to think, write, and converse with others.

Writing is a form of scientific thought. By stating things as assertions, they are out in the open, to be examined under the scrutiny by peers.


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Web Developer and Designer by trade. Gamer and Internet Seeker by night.

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  1. That is true. But WordPress does not support sophisticated designs and this is one of the main reasons why there is a transformation of many users to other CMS. Joomla contains sustained templates which can adhere to the expectation of users in terms of complicated designs. It helps users to create professional websites.

    • I completely agree that WordPress is very limited. I use Drupal to build sites for my company because of its flexibility and degree of control.

      However, as I said, I often get caught up on the building of my first blog, rather than doing what I originally wanted, which is to write a blog. I know that some day, I might transfer the content to another platform, but what is important for me now is to create some content!

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